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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

After 7days of missing you ♥

Guess what ? we love photograph ♥                                                 

SATURDAY NIGHT ! 10th of December in 2011,
this's me and my kor a.k.a cousin @wywy restuarant ^^ 

going there limteh bwahhh, HEHE. still remember that night got two person come & ask us how to go to miri, so we call my kor mum & we bring them to go to the custom, but the custom is close & they said they wanna sleepover in the car .___. LOL. he wanna send his daughter to kuching, thought he don't even know how to go to kuching, dont even know how to go thru miri to kuching but he still tries to, only because his daughter need to go to kuching studies. ><''

After that night :) ♥ ♥

On 12th December 2011, Sunday, In the afternoon around 3pm (: met him at serasa beach, wee ~ ♥ ♥


I know i look weird but nah, just ignore it

continue BBQ at my house
we're so vain, taking picture all the time  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

my little cousin kinda friendly & listen to him lo :3 nah, not bad, no wonder la, he got little brother also, maybe that's the reason why ^^

then we talk talk talk, eat eat eat, date date date until 2am, right ? i don't really remember :$ i just only knew that i had altos of fun, laughing & happiness when i was with him ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

On 13th December 2011, Monday, In the morning, someone just done bathing & asking me to help him dry his hair and guess what ? taking picture again, haha :# why you so vain de oh ? ♥ i look so suck here == my eyes, nose mouth, hands, hair & LEG ! ==

actually we plan to eat breakfast but we're too late woke up & the super driver drove so FAST *oppsite*

before going to gadong, he going back home & put his things.
I saw his dad, friendly & funny XD humor kaliah ~ luckily not strict :O HEHE. His daddy love to speak in hokkien, i dont really understand sometime when he talk :P 

before having our lunch we went to the mall and buy thing for KY, actually wanna but big bang album. but then don't have the one that ky wants ><'' so we when to guardian buy something for smelly armpit :P HAHAHA. i know we're kind, thats what KY need bah :P
Eating also vain, hais :P

After done lunch, we going to somewhere at gadong for taking family picture :P HA ! i cant share that photo cause my blog kisiao already, so yeah >< ♥ ♥ ♥

Couple shirt that we buy oin that day :P  would be the first time .__.   duhh, cute kan ? cute couple mah, i konw i know ^^ hahaha ♥ **saklieh

those ciggar looks cool & seems taste good ==

♥ ♥

i only love the cover, k ^^

Thursday, December 8, 2011

About Today ♥♥

What word should i say at the beginning ? X)

well, today in the morning around 10am. me and my kor aka cousin going to kb town having our breakfast then around 11.30am my bii miscalled me and message as usual (: ♥♥

In the afternoon, we go to kkk restaurant eat again XD *teatime bah* my aunt don't like we drink cold drinks so i ask for Milo without ice & i ate matabak ><'' LOL. detail eh :P
back home & Facebook-ing. nahh, this's my life :x
my auntie go out for awhile and me and korr stayed at home be baby sitting, haha.

At night, my mum calling me on the phone, asking about him again, hais. really hard to understand why sometimes she seems like allow me together with him but sometimes she dont.

goshh, she's asking about the pictures thingy, nahh -.- actually wanna remove it just now but then i think over again, she saw it already so why should i remove ? just let it. BLABLABLA. the same problems flooding on my mind again, repeat & repeat :x


; jobless people doing jobless things, hahaha. domokun zai a.k.a my kor wrote it ♥♥

; see my mum so bad. she knew i love to eat sushi but then she uploaded the sushi picture and tag me then asked me do i wanna eat. LOL. kik dao :P ♥♥

; thought i get scold cause of this pic but still I LOVE IT. HAHAHAHA. ♥♥ :P

sohai go print out our pic just now, LOL. kns, at first said dont want show me mah -.- ♥♥ ;

i tihnk that all for today ehh ?
i just knew that all the day my mind was him -.-
celaka, die liaw this time. HAHA. LOL. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ !
guys, im so inlove with this man ^^

show up you guys some picture's :)

my babe, Shien Wei (: **liang moi kaliah ^^ this picture taken in my room. lols. vain ;) ♥♥

its me with malao rudny kii in k-box :DD before the day i birthday, on 1st December :P ♥

BYE ~ ♥

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

me & you. always (:

This picture is taken at snowhouse when we first meet up ^^
that time we're just friend and nothing more than that.
its so amazing that you're now mine.
Im so happy to have you, every time when you're around I never feel down (:
Thanks bii ;) **wink wink, haha ♥♥

someone perasaan said He's awesome
but guess what, i dont even jelly jelly and
lalalalala ~ ♥♥♥

♥♥♥♥♥♥ Edited by me :3

He said He love it bohh ;) ♥♥♥♥♥

At bedroom, taking by me me me ♥♥♥

In the afternoon suddenly he opened the door & LOL, how come he coming ><''
no tell me then straight foward come, nyehh.

Still remember that time i was facebook-ing and he jobless till go play game
haha. he's always BABY IM SO LONELY LONELY LONELY when i busy fb,
sometimes he even show me ‘bitter face’


At living room, IM BESIDE HIM K ? ==

Its taken by me kali ah, that the reason why it so blur :3

He's hugging my scandal T____T
that teddy is given from him on second of december on my birthday x) HEHE
this year would be the awesome & gruesome birthday ever cause on 12am HE'S OUTSIDE MY HOUSE, BIRTHDAY CAKE WITH LIGHT UP CANDLE :)

K, HABIS, i write blog write until forgot time & someone angry me  :O :(

Thursday, October 27, 2011

what broken you inside ? The Past

yesterday i took that quiz :)

The past. There is something that happened to me that haunts me.  

idk its true or not, it say it will haunt me forever.

but it true that i want something back, i want to go back in time and change what has happened.

Do it the right way. Relive those speicial moments.

But i cant, and im afraid of moving on into another time. Another place.

It may have been a past love, or a loved one that is gone.

Or many other reasons. '' Forever, may you hold your peace.''

what's broken you inside ? if you're same as me, You have a hard time trying to love. Maybe this is because you've been hurt in the past? Well, if an ex hurt you, you have to try and move on.

If he hurt you, you was obviously too good for him.

Never give up on yourself, and never give up on love.

Life's complicated.

Andy Sixx, Lead singer of the band Black Veil Brides once said in a quote:

As we grow up we learn that even the person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down proably will. You'll have your heart broken probably more than once, and it gets harder every time.

You'll break hearts too, so remember how you felt when yours was broken.

You'll fight with your best friend.

You'll blame a new love for something an old one did.

You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love.

So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt, beause every sixty seconds you spend upset is one minute of happiness you'll never get back.

And it's true, so don't dwell on past mistakes and loves,

because you'll make new ones, and fall in love again.

So don't be afraid to let yourself love, because it'll just ruin your life. :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

TODAY ! 27 of october 2011 ;)

In the morning, my agriculture examination was easy as ABC. HAHA :b there's two hours for us, but I'd done it in 30min :P So i lay on te table like dead, the teacher so distubiaa, she knock knock my table and say '' PEI YING WAKE UP, DO NOT SLEEP '' lols ><

 then after agriculture, we're having our IRK -.-  I'd done it in 5min ^^ cause i only do the MCQ & OTHER are BLANK. haha. i know im pro :P **blerk ~ then yeah, i sleep sleep sleep & sleep. who wont sleep oh, if the classroom was cold, the surrounding were QUITE like you can heard your own breathing -.- **over** but no, it true, the surrounding can makes everyone feels SLEEPY ><

 no longer '' IF WANT SLEEP THEN GO BACK HOME '' , =='' walao teacher ah, you try sit here & i walking around with a phone kan -.-

 In the Afternoon, Rara follow me back home :# keke. first i go shower then we go gerai buy ayam :P thennnnnn, lunch & talk & watching singapore movie ; tittle : being human '' :DD thenfinding some korean songs, video and and WEBBY ! i mean, TAKING PICTURE USING WEBCAM -.- heee

we're so les, theres some of our kissing pic but its PRIVATE, CAUSE I AFRAID YOU GUYS MWLLTIING ;) HAHAHA. and i afraid my boyfriend jealous ::P HAHA

At night, my mood not very good -.- cause my bro log out my facebook without my permission and that time im chatting with my friend ?  or ? IDK actually what am i mad for ? hoho :3 maybe my aunty coming to find me soon :P HAHAHA

nightmare peeps, im tired now ;s aww, since when cyndi ever say tired this word ? :P gahaa. bah, BYE :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Spread The Vanity

Today got mood, update two times of blog :P haha

nah, SPREAD THE VANITY, born in 13 October 2011 ;b
a family group which can show yours awesome to everyone's, everybody's welcome ^^
if interested to join us you may inbox me thru Facebook (:
now, it almost 40members all together, we're friendly & of course vain :P
those people who loves to taking picture are WANTED :DD
RARA, CYNDI, LIZA, QIL, ZATY were the admins ^^
well, maybe we're not popular as BBF (brunei best face) but still our friendly wont lose them :P

LPG ''Last P'Generation'', my first family group, im still one of them till now but yeah, almost deactive there cause....personally reason :) but but but, LPG are always awesome, they're nice when you really know them in person ^^ i love them so muchhh as my family (:

DFF ''Destiny For Friendship'', one of the admin, wee ~ what can i say about this group ? hmm..its fun to be one of them. They're quite cool :P tata, idk what to say actually, still need time to know them. the owner & admin were my friends but due to examination they're busy & less active on that group. I'm busy for my things too. thought I'm one of the admin but idk why, feel wanna give up, :x opps. maybe Im not close with those members ? (: hmmm

 Some of the STV members pic's x) 

sorry ah, i just edit some of your guys picture's, dont angry :#

Cyndi's in the house

Its been almost one month ehh i doesn't update my blog, cause no mood to :)
write blog, I need three thingy ; 




Not i dint have any idea but just my mood haven't come :P i was very lazy to write something on blog, I MEAN, ON BLOG, it doesn't mean i was LAZY TO WRITE SOMETHING ABOUT MYSELF OR MY LIFE. LOL. kay, stop about these non-sense. ^^


ohhh yeah ~ one word, ''SIEN'', it means ; BORED :P
woke up, it's 12sharp :) take a bath then lunch & breakfast in the same time, gahaa.
after that, whole day of studying while texting and and LISTENING TO MUSIC X) how could i concentrate ? only if i turn off my phone, tata ~ maybe later night, i may. TURN OFF PHONE AND DATE WITH SCIENCE + AGRICULTURE. nahh.

just now, my brother friend he wanna go out from my house, coincidentally i come out from my room & ''BAKKK'', wth -.- **shock die me** hoho :3
now on blog using my uncle broadband, again, wondering when my parent gonna recharge ours. *sigh. although I'm having exam, but still need relax de mahhh :P 

and, guesssssssssssssssssss WHAT ~  ALMOST ONE MONTH I DIDN'T HANG OUT WITH FRIEND except in school T.T gileerrrr ~  **big sigh** never mind, after exam there will be FREEEEEEEEEEEDOM like a flying bird :3 HEHE. but no lah, not gonna out everyday since I'm so '' guai '', YOU KNOW RIGHT ;)


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It my life, enjoy the happy moment :D

Thursday first period, P.E -.- 
run two round, run, jump, run, jump go upstairs and down again !@#%$##^ 
when first round, semangat ~ 123 ready run ! but then when Second round, slow & slow & slow dooown ~ i went to upstairs then both of my legs felt so heavy, cant run anymore, breathing so hard like going to hell soon -.-''  and LOL, my rara was fcuking fall down.. >///< but at last, we reach till the end with 2.16min :P *i know slow but just stfuuuu ~* 

English period, my composition not yet done, but sir doesn't mention so lalala
I.R.K time !! since teacher no teaching so its time for us to panat-ing ~HAHA.. 

Playing chubby bunny with peeps ;) aww, my babies are so cute when the mars mallow are full their mouth :b especially when they trying to put in the 5th marsmallow and tried to says '' 5 chubby bunny '', i laugh till lie on floor XDD gerli things is when they vomit, eww :3 so sayang right ? but they just cant swallow it -.-''

capture capture, i looks uglay, ikr :b those chubby picture's will be shown soon on zaaat's Facebook ? LOL.

shown you guys something cute that i found in you tube :b two girl who challenge chubby bunny

weeee ~ 
The end for today :D
Missing someone so muchie 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Domo - Birth of Domo

Randomly :P
this's how domo birth ? one word, cool .___. HAHA

love domo ^^ and my lao gong for sure :b
post more next time (:

who's here? Jacky~ ^^

Yo yo~ whats up everyone~ let me introduce myself! name Jacky, 21 this year. Taurus. thats all. simpleeee right~? :D 

I've got something to share with you guys todayy~ its kinda scary but hell yeah.   after taking a ride near hell. im back to earth. xD i nearly faint just now early in the morning..didnt know why..but it just happened. feels like something just rush up to my head and dizzy~ and the next thing i knew. i was gasping for air and my sight is slowly failing as every second passed by. that was so not cool. ==

Anyways, my boss. which is lucky to be at home too rushed out and bought the er..i dont know whats its called. something which every asma patient will bring with them without fail. something for them to sucked in to relieve the difficulty of breathing i guess? lol~ didnt know how i ended in the hospital tho. blur =.= but what matters the most? im still here, blogging. and wondering if this post is too boring to read xD

Was so happy to hear my laopo de voice too~!! feel better in just a moment ^^ youre so awesome my baobeii laopo~ <3

Everything turns out fine and thats just great ^^ 

I'll be heading off to get some rest~ will update soon if anything seriously entertaining happens. im sure to share it here :D

imissyou~ and iloveyou~ to the owner of this blog! hehe ^^ <3


Monday, September 5, 2011

1st day of school re-open ♥ welcome to term four !

Last night webby with someone, around 2amjust sleep then around 5.20am woke up ~ ><''
he's so hell yeah showing boxer, HAHA. whenever i remind of it, i'll giggle --''
why he's so kewl?

--- at school, 6.30am :)
arrived school, for sure 1st thingy i do is '' SELAMAT HARI RAYA '' !!! and asking how's the holiday ;)
period 1-2-3 at hall, i teach my friend a skill, so that she wont get caught by teacher that her nails were long, that's ; pull down your skirt *our school skirt are long k ? not those mini skirt* then when uniform checking, pull up your skirt and act like usual and woot, run :P LOL. hope you guys understood what am i talking about XD

--- period 3-4-5
teacher penguin !! history again, brr ~ drawing what #%$^%& map && copy whole three pages of notes --'' if its copy&paste like using lappy then easier but cherrrr ~ we're handwriting :3 can't you pity us ? everytimes ask us to copy those notes, tired bwaaaaaaah :x after this, MALAY ~ announcement, 7 of september ORAL ENGLISH && MALAY , wth .____. *cry and scream* LOL, too over ehh ? :3

---period 6-7-8-9
in the science lab, cold && quite ~ so suit for me to zzzzz..
doing classwork, copy question && DUMMMM ! sleep >//< then my classwork turn to homework.
maths period, homework, i forgot have homework && i think i had lost the paper ! --''
its time to go home ! hooooray :P *childish*
james brooke starting to flirt again --'' hairs getting long, piercing 1-2-3-4 ~  kay, he's cool. yet, my boyfriend is better ;) 

wink at me, i show him a
look '' o.o '' and then his smile was so.. creepy ? --'' nyehh, still the one, same like the first day i knew him, no change at all. he flirt me, ask me to sit beside him ; okay, sure.. then he kacau kacau there, i was about to slap people then he say ; "your bro looks angry oo  " then i told him : " later my bro report to my boyfriend ah you sit so close to me ~ " HAHAHA. then he immediately sit to the other place and *merajuk* LOL ~ I am not a single ladaaay anymore la :3

Luckily I met a Heart Stealer

Friday, September 2, 2011


You can be the peanut butter to my jelly
You can be the butterflies I feel in my belly
You can be the captain
And I can be your first mate
You can be the chills that I feel on our first date
You can be the hero
And I can be your sidekick
You can be the tear That I cry if we ever split
You can be the rain from the cloud when it's stormin'
Or u can be the sun when it shines in the mornin'

Don't know if I could ever be Without you
'Cause boy you complete me
And in time I know that we'll both see That we're all we need
Cause you're the apple to my pie
You're the straw to my berry
You're the smoke to my high
And you're the one I wanna marry

Cause you're the one for me (for me)
And I'm the one for you (for you)
You take the both of us (of us)
And we're the perfect two
We're the perfect two
We're the perfect two
Baby me and you
We're the perfect two

You can be the prince and I can be your princess
You can be the sweet tooth I can be the dentist
You can be the shoes and I can be the laces
You can be the heart that I spill on the pages
You can be the vodka and I can be the chaser
You can be the pencil and I can be the paper
You can be as cold as the winter weather
But I don't care as long as were together

Don't know if I could ever be
Without you 'cause boy you complete me
And in time I know that we'll both see
That we're all we need
Cause you're the apple to my pie
You're the straw to my berry
You're the smoke to my high
And you're the one I wanna marry

Cause your the one for me (for me)
And I'm the one for you (for you)
You take the both of us (of us)
And we're the perfect two
We're the perfect two
We're the perfect two
Baby me and you
We're the perfect two

You know that I'll never doubt ya
And you know that I think about ya
And you know I can't live without ya
I love the way that you smile
And maybe in just a while
I can see me walk down the aisle

Cause you're the apple to my pie
You're the straw to my berry
You're the smoke to my high
And you're the one I wanna marry
Cause your the one for me (for me)
And I'm the one for you (for u)
U take the both of us (of us)
And were the perfect two
Were the perfect two
Were the perfect two
Baby me and you
We're the perfect two(yeah, yeah)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Yesterday at midnight ♥ night still young ~

webcam with him, light up my night :p

so late already still wearing sun glasses and the behind one sibeh hiao, wanna take pic too :P


sohai kissing domokun and piggy jealous, awwh ~ :P

showing off ~ i just can look them drink == yerr ~
and no longer eat in front of me lagi ><'' make my stomach singing :3

and more other crazy pic's but no gonna share ~ HEHE

someone after drink, open shirt ~ XD 
but skeleton ~ small muscle got la :P

wondering when can meet him again ><    ♥ ♥
miss him so much ~ ♥
mssing when 20th at gadong  ♥  J  ♥

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Last P'generation

My awesome family group ^^ if you wanna join you can inbox our admin ;b
we're just like brothers and sister. you can share anything & everything with us.
when i am up or down, i'll telling them and they will give me advise and understanding me :)
i love them so much ;p
although sometimes they argue cause some of us may falling in love with the one in LPG but we will still understanding you & support you , dont think too much, K ? at least we can be brothers or sisters :b
27th of august, there will be a gathering in gadong, the mall. hope i can go that day & meet them again ~

selamat hari raya, maaf zatin & batin XDD

like our facebook page, thankss ^^

want go see more pretty girls ? HAHA. go our page then ;b

Sunday, August 7, 2011

i really love you, but one day our religion will also seprate us

this words is what he'd told me.

i'm not can't accept, just..i also dont know why, kinda saddd ><
just like, suddenly, im not the one who get hurts, i am the one who hurt ed him so depth. before this, i always thought he don't even know a thing of me. he don't even care a thing of me and shit. but then, why ? i felt like i am the one, i kept blame myself for being immature. i told him, we're impossible, face the truth. " ha ! what am i talking about ? what the heck, stupid words comes out from my mouth "
since we had know each other and together been so long, he told me that he trust me so much.he told me im the only girl can be trust nowaday. i dont wanna hurt him. let him down. we knew that, we're not belong and we knew that impossible is impossible.we cant change the fate. why if love losing, it hurt so much ?
you told me, if we still stay like this, nothing gonna change but it will only getting worst. ;s
okay, fullstop then.  but cant we be best friend or atleast a friend ? :/ hmmm. 

weeeeeeeeee noooooot wiiiillllinnng tooooo ?

abcdefghjklnpqtuvwxz, what's missing ? i.m.s.o.rr.y :x

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I need to rest my mind


i have been so stressful. They're nobody who will ever understand me even my besties.
my life is so shit, so useless. but uhh-huh, ofcourse i am not going to do any STUPID thing. LMAO
relationship, i got probs. friendship i got probs too. family, there's prob too. why cnt i just ignore everything and why i have to think about other feeling ? why other can hurt me, cheat me, stab me but i just can stand there lets them doing anything to hurt me ?
so what if i am not loyal to you ? you're not mine and i am not yours. i walk my road and you walk your own road too. dont come and disturb my journey.
life is unfair, love is unfair. nothing is fair. 
everyday kena boomed. boyfriend, no, i dont need one.
friend, no, i dont need to have so much.
you hate me your business. i like you my business.
i love you but that doesnt mean i must get you. i hurt you to save you, k ?
if once i said i dont love you, that's a lie.
i always telling my self and asking myself to please understand that we have no fate. god only let us to meet, falling in love but he never plan to let us being together. why cant i just let it be ?
im tired. i doesnt mean to hurt you. but honestly, i really tired to the max. i really scared what if one day..........
i dont want live life in this way. i want a better way, i wanna be more cheerful. 
i cant trust myself. i think we're too young to love.   
we're not suit, but i still choose you that time, ming zhi dao wo men gen ben jiu bu ke nen, dan wo chen jing zhen de hen xiang yi zhi de gen zhe ni, qing ming bai wo li kai zhen de shi bing bu de yi. dui bu qi.

end here. tired.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


他在抽烟,她望着说:戒了吧,抽烟不好.伸手去夺,却被他翻过来用烟头在洁白而又滑嫩的皮肤上烫了一下,她却没有退缩.             他说:疼么?             不疼.只要你开心就好.抽烟就那么好么?             抽烟可以忘记一切痛苦...            

他在喝酒,他摸着她滑嫩的粉红脸蛋,细长的手指轻轻的抚摩着,又不敢用力,怕这种美差那间就消失了.他猛地凑到她的脸旁,用那蛮是酒气的嘴霸道地说:我想 吻你.她就轻轻的闭上眼.睫毛微微的颤动.昏暗的灯光下,她好象暗夜的精灵一般美丽.他醉了,温暖的双唇让他陶醉,他狠狠的咬下,睫毛微微颤动,渗出点点 晶莹.             他说:疼么?             不疼.只要你开心就好.             她轻轻的咬住受伤的嘴唇,殷红的鲜血好象饱满的花苞里渗出的露珠一样.慢慢,慢慢顺着嘴角滑下...她对他给予了一甜美的微笑...            

他在沉默,久久不肯开口.她在一边默默的陪伴.他忽然紧紧的抱着她,好象要捏碎她一样.越抱越紧,越抱越紧,他听见她急促的呼吸,她快喘不过气了,她快窒 息了.她苍白的脸上,血色在逐渐退却.却.仍温柔的望着他.他忽然那么放开她.她长长的呼了一口气,闭着眼.             他说:疼么?             不疼.只要你开心就好.             她的脸蛋泛着白,继续安静.            

你走吧.             为什么?             我不适合你.你找一个够乖,够爱你的男人吧,我,不配.             不需要.            

他狠狠的掴了她一掌.你滚吧.你这么乖,这么可爱的女人配不上我.你滚吧.             她拭去嘴角的鲜血.微笑着,沉默的离开.             望着她离去的背影,他瘫倒在地上,默默的念着:疼么?            


他总是产生幻觉,他看到她默默的对着她微笑:只要你开心就好.             他笑了.你在我身边我最开心.             可是,周围是寂静的象死了一般.            

她认识了一帮流氓,跟着他们抽烟,喝酒,她做他们的奴仆,开心的被他们耍.每次当他们搂着她去那灯红酒绿的地方,她总是先一人在洗手间,门外是魔鬼的世界,魔鬼在咆哮着.门内,她安静的对着镜中的自己微笑.开心就好.             然后,她打开门,成为今夜无耻里绽放的黑色玫瑰.            

他看到舞池中的她,缭乱的黑色眼影,殷红的双唇,妖娆的身姿.她笑着,对每一个人笑.人们对她喝彩,男人们无耻的靠近她.他冲过去,又一次掴了一她一掌.             他流着泪望着她.             她安静的抬起头:不疼.只要你开心就好。             


不,你再等等好么?             为什么.             我怕我不够坏,配不上你..........

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yesterday going to Miri to celebrate my little cousin birthday a.k.a Father day :)

15th of June

Happy Father Day :D


Happy Birthday ^^v may god bless ya ~ hope you happy always like that moment :P
love you alaaaaawaaaaays, xoxo♥♥♥ 

  with my baobeii  (尛宁^^ 
(very long time didnt saw her, miss die me, HAHA :3  have fun with her, talk many lapsap thingy :P )

and also vain much with soon yee :P
want see jiu go facebook..HAHA..


oh yeah, If you're Bruneian you should understand :D 

; nada ku guna mun inda setia, nada ku guna mun cuma mahu gunakan aku..bah, apakan ? 


last night de facebook status, i hope you guys understand what i mean, kkk ~
please dont says love if you dont mean it...
many guys that i know,always says 'ILOVEYOU'
 yeah, it' just a word but you know, what if that girl really love you ? maybe she would doing something like believe it..so can dont just say-say ~ LOLed ><'' 
*sorry for the broken english and thanks for reading ;3 

Monday, June 13, 2011

i would like to share someone blog, cause i like it :P teehee :目


;   http://babybabeshot.blogspot.com/2011/06/smile-to-world-babes.html#comments

          Ruby Ang
go watch , kk..I like the post she wrote :3
I want to comment, but sibeh noob I don't know how to =.= LOLed  ><'' or maybe she lock or blabla ~~
and also go watch my wretch无名小站 :D

;  http://www.wretch.cc/blog/cyndi1462439

   you can go my g.book and leave a message there 

祝大家有 不 美好的一天 , 不开心的就去海边吧, 去跳海, 哈哈, 没有啦,去大喊下 ~ 不要不开心了哦…… 赫赫        peace no war, *hugsss :3

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First of June ♥♥

  The best day i ever had :) 

I will never forget the time we spent together  

i wont erase our memories, good or bad :) wonder when will be the next time to hang out with you guys, i hope this public holiday can meet you guys again.

i really happy to see you that day, when i remind that time i will smile like a fool.haha :P

I'll never forget you 
I'll never let you go 
I'll never forget you 
I'll always remember, I hope you know that kay ? :p

dont know how long you will be around, 
dont know how long will this feeling stay

missing you is a habit that i cant break since last year :)
will you be around ? I REALLY NEEDS YOU IN MY LIFE 

♥ ♥ 804 ♥ ♥

stop here *busy :)