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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Yesterday at midnight ♥ night still young ~

webcam with him, light up my night :p

so late already still wearing sun glasses and the behind one sibeh hiao, wanna take pic too :P


sohai kissing domokun and piggy jealous, awwh ~ :P

showing off ~ i just can look them drink == yerr ~
and no longer eat in front of me lagi ><'' make my stomach singing :3

and more other crazy pic's but no gonna share ~ HEHE

someone after drink, open shirt ~ XD 
but skeleton ~ small muscle got la :P

wondering when can meet him again ><    ♥ ♥
miss him so much ~ ♥
mssing when 20th at gadong  ♥  J  ♥

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Last P'generation

My awesome family group ^^ if you wanna join you can inbox our admin ;b
we're just like brothers and sister. you can share anything & everything with us.
when i am up or down, i'll telling them and they will give me advise and understanding me :)
i love them so much ;p
although sometimes they argue cause some of us may falling in love with the one in LPG but we will still understanding you & support you , dont think too much, K ? at least we can be brothers or sisters :b
27th of august, there will be a gathering in gadong, the mall. hope i can go that day & meet them again ~

selamat hari raya, maaf zatin & batin XDD

like our facebook page, thankss ^^

want go see more pretty girls ? HAHA. go our page then ;b

Sunday, August 7, 2011

i really love you, but one day our religion will also seprate us

this words is what he'd told me.

i'm not can't accept, just..i also dont know why, kinda saddd ><
just like, suddenly, im not the one who get hurts, i am the one who hurt ed him so depth. before this, i always thought he don't even know a thing of me. he don't even care a thing of me and shit. but then, why ? i felt like i am the one, i kept blame myself for being immature. i told him, we're impossible, face the truth. " ha ! what am i talking about ? what the heck, stupid words comes out from my mouth "
since we had know each other and together been so long, he told me that he trust me so much.he told me im the only girl can be trust nowaday. i dont wanna hurt him. let him down. we knew that, we're not belong and we knew that impossible is impossible.we cant change the fate. why if love losing, it hurt so much ?
you told me, if we still stay like this, nothing gonna change but it will only getting worst. ;s
okay, fullstop then.  but cant we be best friend or atleast a friend ? :/ hmmm. 

weeeeeeeeee noooooot wiiiillllinnng tooooo ?

abcdefghjklnpqtuvwxz, what's missing ? i.m.s.o.rr.y :x